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WEEK 2: Music Department Assignments 

Watch the video for your introduction and explanation of what you have to work on this week.  Lots of great stuff - HAVE FUN!


The two links below are for two episodes of the SOUNDTRACK SHOW!  Your host, David W. Collins will take you on an adventure as the wonders of musical scores of a movie are revealed!  Jump in for a treasure-trove of music bounty! 


Watch one of the YouTube videos below!  There is one for Band, one for Jazz, and one for Percussion.  While you watch look for performance etiquette: How do the performers address the audience, are they professional, how do they act on stage, what is the quality of the visual and audio performance?  In other words make sure you SEE as much as you hear!


Click the link below to get the BREEZIN' THRU website and get going on this chapter of your Music Theory FUN for the week! Make sure you look through the lessons and seek to improve in areas that you currently struggle.   Do the lessons and drills to make yourself a music  MASTER!

Log in Information:

USER: btfun_4416

PASSWORD: jazz146

Once you login - select the:

"NEXT GEN" Edition

When you join - make sure you use the same nave EVERY TIME!  Also, be sure to select the correct class.  Does not matter other than I want to keep track of how you are doing!


The best way to stay on top of playing your instrument is to PRACTICE!  Below are a bunch of ideas for you as you continue to improve.  You can use some of these, all of these, or whatever else you would like - JUST PLAY!!!


Flexibility Studies (use the warm-ups link below for expertises)


For the LONG TONE STUDIES, you will need to scroll down in the pdf until you find your instrument. You can then select that page and print if you want a printed copy.


Paradiddles (even-steady matching strokes)

Click the link below to access the RUDIMENTS page for the

Percussive Arts Society



Ensemble Music/Warm-ups

     Free Music images on Google

     Practice Books

     Duets – Movie Music

     Acapella App.

     Audition Music

     Technique Videos (see website)



Click the button below to access this weeks REFLECTION Document.

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