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Cool WebSites

This website has lessons, how-to videos, etc.  It is an incredible resource!

The Percussive Arts Society is the leading professional organization for percussionists and teachers. There are a TON of resources.  

This a great website to practice a BUNCH of technique.  Free downloads and instructional videos to go with each lesson.  New lessons all the time.  Check it out!

Youtube and Videos

Check out these YouTube videos and follow these artists.  Incredible bands!  Find your favorites!

Black Swamp is a percussion company that also hosts a Showcase competition. Check out the winning ensembles and soloists!


I have been communicating with a number of drummers regarding great albums to play along with that are "drummer-less".  Meaning, world-class musicians jamming without a drummer - that is where you come in.  Below is a list of albums.  Get on Apple Music or Spotify and throw on the headphones!  HAVE FUN!

Child's Song
Jane Ira Bloom and Fred Hirsch
Ray Brown, Jimmy Rowles
Alone Together
Jim Hall, Ron Carter
Steal Away
Hank Jones, Ray Brown, Jimmy Rowles
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