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Cool Websites and Resources

National Museum of American History


History of Jazz, Lessons, Sounds and stories!  Don't miss this WEALTH of information about America's true art form!

If you want to dig in and start playing, this is a GREAT website for you!  Explore and discover all that Learn Jazz Standards has to offer!

Youtube and Videos

The Jazz at Lincoln Center JAZZ ACADEMY is your home for lessons, recordings, videos, etc from some of the TOP players in the world.  Checkout all the videos and lessons.  Play along!  Subscribe NOW!

There are a TON of resources here!  Check out the videos and look around and discover what is available!  Great Stuff!!

One of the premier jazz ensembles in the world - subscribe to and follow the US ARMY BLUES!  You will love their killer style and power!

Like the Army Blues, the USAF AIRMEN OF NOTE are incredible!  Subscribe and follow - you won't be disappointed!

How could I not add a video of the great Count Basie Orchestra!  One of the greatest of all time!  Become a student of the Count Basie sound and style and you will be swingin'!

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